We have greatly enjoyed working with the beautiful Romney from Beaver Valley.  When the farm in was recently sold, we kept our eyes and ears open for news of where the flock would be relocated.  It was a complete surprise when we were contacted by a new shepherd with a large flock of Romney.  He and his wife are caretakers of a farm owned by Washington State University.   They had recently purchased many of the sheep from the Beaver Valley Farm.  We knew the fiber would be exquisite and could not wait to see the herd in their new setting.  They all have new names.  The girls names are all types of flowers; Lilly, Lilac, Violet, Tanzy, Sweat Pea, Marigold, Iris, Edleviess are just a few of the fabulous sheep that make this yarn possible.  Apparently, Zinnia is a bit of a rebel.  She is the fence diver in the group.  Sweet Pea makes up for Zinnia's antics and is the shepherd's favorite bottle fed lamb.