Our 90% Romney/10% Suri blend is from two separate farms on Bainbridge Island.  One is
Furry Feather Farm.  The shepherd for this farm is a knitter and fiber enthusiast.    She has researched Romney sheep lines and focused on sheep with very fine, crimpy wool. Her flock is beautiful and guarded by a very faithful Llama named Ulysses. 

 The other farm is a small residence on the island that
has goats, chickens andSuri Alpaca.  The family moved to the island and
purchased a home with lots of land and a beautiful barn.  They added a
second barn in the front pasture and learned that there were six Suri
Alpaca on the island that were in need of a good home.   They opened their
farm to these super sweet exotic animals and have enjoyed them ever since.  The first sheering of these six precocious Alpacas had a fiber length of twelve inches.  We sorted, picked and then cut the fiber in half in order to allow it to be processed through the machines at the mill.  The work was worth it.  The Romney and Suri complement each other nicely.  Leaving us with a very soft, full yarn with a luscious shine and drape.