I love going to Sequim.  It is in a rain shadow – where the Olympic Mountains hold back the clouds and let the sun shine through. Sun is something that we don’t see a lot of on Bainbridge in the fall, winter and spring.  I managed to meet with this lovely shepherd on a sunny morning in the fall.   The mountains surrounding the city of Sequim were sprinkled with snow and the early morning sun made them glow blinding white.  I had a feeling we were going to find some really special fleece.    I was not disappointed. 

Nan, Betsey and George, the Border Leicesters, were watching intently as I drove up to the farm. The shepherd told me she believes they watch everything that goes on at the farm with rapt attention.  Nothing goes unnoticed.   I was shown into a room full of some of the whitest, brightest fleece I have seen.  The luster on the wool makes these curly locks look like they were made from pearls.  I knew that is was going to make some stunning yarn. 

Border Leicester is a very reliable wool that is known for its luster.  It is durable and therefore lends itself to perform well in everyday, hard-wearing garments.  This wool takes dye very well and would be a good yarn to choose for hand-dying.