We have been waiting to find a source of high quality Alpaca and super fine wool that we could blend with it.   So, you can imagine our excitement as we made our way out to Kent to evaluate this wonderful fiber.  The Alpacas, Grace, Lexus and Oakley, were kept on a lovely farm that looks like a little hidden meadow among the hills that surround it.  We were sad to learn that the animals had been sold, but their fiber remained and the farmer was pleased to know that the fiber, which had won many ribbons and awards at local Alpaca shows, would be turned into beautiful yarn. 

We waited several months to find the right fleece for this blend, and were delighted to find it just down the street from our home.   The farm sits on top of a gorgeous hill where a kindly husband and wife tend the sheep.  The shepherds refer to the flock as the girls.  They told of a ram that had to find a new home.  Apparently, he was getting a bit pushy. They transported him to a new farm in their very original and impeccable VW bus.  That image has made me smile for months.

The yarn from this combination of animals is luscious.  It is a chestnut brown with hints of white and darker browns.  It feels like a cloud in your hand.  The softness of the fleece is wonderful and yet the yarn is strong and has a bit of elasticity to help your projects hold their shape.