I pass the turn for Keyport weekly, but had no idea that a small flock of Scottish Blackface roamed the hills above the small town.  The shepherd met us at the gate with a very bright and energetic Border Collie.  She told stories of visiting the farm as a child.  At the time, her grandparents were in charge of the sheep and apple orchards on the property. 

This double coated fleece has a long pointed staple.  The outside fibers are kempy and hide a little nest of soft fine wool.  These sheep account for a large percentage of the herds in the United Kingdom.  Traditionally, the fiber has been used in Scottish tweeds.  Our yarn was produced without separating the fine wool from the kemp.  It was spun in a heavy 3-ply rug yarn.  It is heavy, durable and will make a very resilient and lovely rug.